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Chrome Tips: 10 ways to make Google Chrome more efficient

Everyone uses Google every day online. Well almost everyone (Hello to those who mistakenly have Ask as their default search engine). If you’re the kind of person who like to make their browsing experience go even faster and are always looking that short cut that makes ctrl+v seem ancient, then you’re in luck. We went looking for someone the best tips and tricks to make using Chrome as easy as possible. Here are 10 that will using Chrome even easier.



Give any tab the middle clicker!
Have a bunch of tabs open at once and want to get rid of them as fast as possible. Simply hover over and middle click them. They’ll be instantly gone. Don’t do it with this tab though, there are still plenty of tips to read about.

Click that middle button again
No need to hold down ctrl before you click on a hyperlink or do the ‘right click + open in new tab option’. Simply click something like this with the middle button and it will open in a new tab too.

You don’t even need a new tab
When searching for something, you’ll instinctively open a new tab and search. No need to do that. Just enter whatever you need in the bad and hold Alt when you hit enter. Your search will pop up in a new tab immediately. And if you need to view your homepage, no need to open a new tab manually. Hold Alt and hit the Home button.

Shift it good
Like to prioritise all your tabs but hate dragging them over one by one? Next time you go to move a tab, hold shift and click on all the relevant tabs. When you go to drag them, all your highlighted tabs will move together.

text search

Get a few extra pixels
Are you someone who likes to have their browser window appears as uncluttered as possible, but still rely on your bookmarks bar? If you want to make that bar disappear and reappear at a moment’s notice, just tab ctrl+shift+b and you make the bar pop in and out whenever you choose (it also works in incognito windows too). If you’re in the mood for completely unobstructed browsing, hit F11 and you’ll go full screen. And if you’re on a site you want to bookmark, you can simply drag the URL down to the bar.

Search for anything you see
See a bit of text or a word on a page and want to search for it? Habits would have you highlight it, hit ctrl+c, then ctrl+v it in the search bar. Instead, just highlight and right click it to see a number of a options including the change to search your desired words in Google, in a new tab of course.

ebay search

Open a shopping tab
Looking for a certain item online and in a hurry? When you type in certain stores like Ebay and hit tab, Chrome will automatically change that search in one that takes you straight to the results page onsite. You can also do this for videos on YouTube too.

Tabbing numerically
Have open anywhere between 1 and 9 tabs and know what order they’re in? Hold down ctrl then hit any number and Chrome will jump to that tab in the relevant order.

Control your extensions
Chrome is a great browser for using a great number of extensions any one time? type ‘chrome://extensions’ in to the browser bar and you’ll be shown all of your extensions and whether they’re enabled. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a links called Keyboard short cuts. Click that and you’ll be able to give extensions their own special command for switching on and off. Its ideal for something like a quick IP Switch or snapshot tool.

google calculator

Quicker Calculator
Always looking around the desk for your calculator? Chrome can put an end to that. Just enter whatever math problem you have in to the browser bar and Chrome will do the hard work. It even works on percentages and fractions.

These are ten Chrome tips we swear by, if you have anyyou can’t browse without, feel free to let us know on our Facebook page here.

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