April 23, 2015 Colin Boyd

Cheap Flights: Unlocking How Travel Sites Rank

Today we’re giving away free keyword reports that will show you the secrets of how major companies are able to rank so highly in Google.

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At this time of year, everyone is searching for cheap flights to get a good deal on a summer holiday. The competition between these sites is immense. We wanted to see how competitive the first page rankings are, and what these sites are doing to compete against one another.

We have collected all the major companies that rank on Google for a keyword and then we analysed the Search Engine Metrics for SEO and Social Media Ranking Signals.

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By analysing live data from websites and brands that consistently rank highly in Google we can identify new algorithm trends and ranking signals and include these new changes into our strategies, this is why we have continued to provide a reliable service for our clients by looking at metrics that are often overlooked and under-appreciated.

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