August 4, 2014 Gregor Miller

Charlie Flynn – The Postman Delivers

At Boyd Digital we are always looking to the future and know a good thing when we see it. Investing in the future is something we strongly believe in and that is obvious when you look at the recent Commonwealth success of Glasgows own Charlie Flynn.

With great spirit, incredible technical ability and a lot of hard work Charlie Flynn won gold at the Commonwealth Games and immediately won the hearts of the nation with his brilliant post match interview. Ask anyone in boxing and they will tell you that he is one to keep your eye on for the future.

Charlie Flynn Interview

As we believe in investing in not only the future of Boyd Digital but also our community we were lucky enough to catch up with Charlie before the games and offer him some sponsorship. After talking to him we knew that he could do it and nobody was as proud as us… well actually maybe his parents, colleagues, friends and country…Let’s start that again. We were as proud as everyone else in Scotland to see him lift gold.

Who knows, in two years time we could very well be back here saying the exact same thing about him winning an Olympic gold. Well done Charlie, you deserve it!

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