Boyd Digital lends support to Think Tank’s Boost a Start Up Competition

Glasgow is a thriving digital and entrepreneurial city, where innovation and start-ups are celebrated. When Boyd Digital was launched over six year ago, there was no real structure or support in place to help small businesses and startups in Glasgow have the chance to succeed.

Now though its an entirely different story, and with the launch of Think Tank Glasgow, we’re very excited to announce we’re lending our support to their amazing competition. Read more

Boyd Digital Is Proud To Sponsor…

At Boyd Digital we’re admittedly a bit sports mad. Who can forget this summer’s World Cup Sweepstake or the definitive table tennis competition/Wimbledon tribute, Wiffledon? So sponsoring sports teams is an obvious step for us. Read on to find out who we sponsor here at Boyd Digital. Read more

Remote Control: Apps for working anywhere

‘I can’t make it in today, I’ve got X,Y & Z’

It’s a phrase that was once a death knell for productivity in the workplace. Here at Boyd Digital we absolutely hate the idea of not being productive. We’d rather chop our thumbs off than twiddle with them. That is why we’re always on the lookout to make our workflow as efficient as possible. Read more

Superhero Chess

This weekend saw Comic Con come to Glasgow in the form of Scotland Comic Con, and it was another resounding success with thousands of comic book fans flocking to the SECC. At Boyd Digital we also got into the superhero spirit by hosting our very own Superhero Chess competition at Geek Retreat on Union Street in celebration of Comic Con. Read more

Hockey – Commonwealth Games

Since the Games are still well and truly swinging here in Glasgow, many of us at Boyd Digital have been lucky enough to be spectators at some of the events. Last week I was at the Opening Ceremony dress rehearsal, Gregor saw the table-tennis; Grant went to the Rugby 7’s at the weekend, and yesterday I was an excited spectator at the hockey. Read more

A Bolt from the Blue : Commonwealth Games Poll

As I am sure you will have read over the last few weekes we have been very excited by the arrival of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. We, as many other businesses and individuals have done, have embraced the Games and though there are some disruptions to the locals here and there we all seemed to have got on it well. Read more

Top 5 Films – July

From my earliest years I have always been a huge film fan. I still have vague memories of my mother taking me to see Jurassic Park at the Grosvenor Cinema when I was 4 years old. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before, these monstrous dinosaurs were to my mind ‘real’ and as such I experienced the same excitement and terror from my popcorn littered seat as those characters in the film did. Read more

Commonwealth Games Opening Poll : Fantastic or Flop?

The Commonwealth Games kicked off with a bang last night bang, social media was buzzing as people discussed what was unfolding in front of them but what did you think? You will be able to read more about the opening ceremony on here today but for now we want to know whether you enjoyed the show that was beamed to over 1 billion people last night. Read more

Farewell World Cup!

The World Cup is finally over after a whirlwind month of goals, upsets, surprises and some unbelievable football. With a disciplined German side earning the well-deserved title of World Champions last night, as well as being the first European team to win the Cup on South American soil it has been an exciting tournament. With Gav having cleaned up in the sweepstakes, we’re feeling a bit bereft here at Boyd Digital Towers and aren’t quite ready to bid farewell to World Cup 2014. Read more

XXth Commonwealth Games – Glasgow

As a digital marketing agency in Glasgow, we are appreciating the efforts that the city is putting into the XXth Commonwealth Games; we may have mentioned it once or twice before, but have we mentioned that one of our very own at Boyd Digital Towers is volunteering backstage for the opening and closing ceremonies?! Namely me.

Read more

Commonwealth Couture or Calamity

With the Commonwealth Games 2014 gracing the streets of Glasgow in just a few short weeks we are seeing a lot of work to tidy up the streets of Glasgow. Of course with anything of this size and stature will draw criticism along the way but we are hoping that Glasgow will see long term benefits to not only businesses but also the people that give this great city its spirit. Read more

The World Cup with Teeth – Suarez Bites Back

So far the World Cup has given us plenty to…er…chew over? I know, sorry, but we have to talk about it. In a World Cup that has seen an extraordinary amount of goals, some shock results, favourites being dumped out early and a great carnival spirit, it is sad that what it will probably be remembered for is yet another disgraceful scene including Luis Suarez. Read more

Top 5 Films – June

So when Gregor told me I had to write about my 5 favourite films to celebrate the Edinburgh International Film Festival, I thought how?! I don’t really have favourites! However, here are 5 films that I could watch over and over again without getting bored, so I guess these are as good as any. Read more

The King of Cool

We know that bogging you down in a world of marketing and SEO would be a painful experience every time you visited this blog. This is why we try to put some posts up from the team about things that are happening in the office, around Glasgow and also globally.

Well, today the biggest and most important tournament in the world starts. The World Cup 2014, held in Brazil is a spectacle that the world holds its breath for and this year promises to be a great one.

I am dedicating this post to the man you should look out for in my opinion. While many have been asking, can Neymar drive his nation to glory in their homeland, can Messi translate club form to take Argentina to the top, will Ronaldo run riot and many more questions this man has been sipping wine in an Italian vineyard, this man is Andrea Pirlo. Read more

Heart and Soul of Glasgow – Glasgow Barrowlands

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to go to the Barraloadasoul event in the world famous Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom. Having visited the venue a number of times to see bands from the Britpop boom of my youth in the 90’s until now, it was great to see the place being used for what it was built for. Read more

14 for Brazil ’14

The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is fast approaching us and here at Boyd Digital football fever is tightening its grip. In order to celebrate this festival of football properly we are taking a look at 14 of most memorable world cup moments from great goals to bad tackles and glory to controversy. Read more

Boyd Digital Film Festival

Scotland has long been renowned in the world of film for  actors such as Sean Connery and James McAvoy to movies like Trainspotting and Gregory’s Girl as well as lending locations to such block busters as Harry Potter and World War Z. It will come as little surprise to you then that both the Glasgow and Edinburgh International Film Festivals always prove to be extremely popular. Read more

Everyone’s Favourite Festival Performances

With Radio 1’s Big Weekend taking place across town at Glasgow Green this weekend, a discussion started in the office about just what the best festival performances of all time were. Now we have a widely varying taste when it comes to the type of music we all like, so instead of spending the day arguing over which Glastonbury head-liners were the best, or which of us has been to the best festival possible, a quick solution was proposed: everyone find their favourite festival performance ever and share it. Read more

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