Monday Mentions: 20th April (#Mobilegeddon Special)

So the new series of Silicon Valley started last week. While watching it, one of the characters refers to the oncoming “Datageddon” on the horizon. Another character then bands about that there are too many -geddons happening. As we’ve been blogging about previously, everyone is gearing up for Mobilegeddon tomorrow. To save you having to trawl through numerous timelines and feeds getting in a tizzy, here are the top tweets mentioning #Mobilegeddon. Read more

Boyd Digital Is Proud To Sponsor…

At Boyd Digital we’re admittedly a bit sports mad. Who can forget this summer’s World Cup Sweepstake or the definitive table tennis competition/Wimbledon tribute, Wiffledon? So sponsoring sports teams is an obvious step for us. Read on to find out who we sponsor here at Boyd Digital. Read more

Monday Mentions: 6th October

Rain rain go away. No seriously. Go away. Today Glasgow is greyer than normal and not even a good dose of Fleetmac Wood (yes we’re spelling that right) is wiping away the fact that autumn has truly settled in. So while we all get ready to huddle around the heaters and the consumption of tea goes up 300{262b22605905d7bdadc9d0423a4a46028d1c16e5c2069f052c9de36584b442a6}, let’s see what goes on in the world of digital marketing Read more

Best Breakfast In Glasgow

The tent pole of the day. The only meal champions care about. The only time of day it’s acceptable to eat bacon and pancakes and not feel bad pouring syrup all over it. Breakfast is a glorious thing, but finding the perfect place to enjoy the most important meal of the day can be hard. Read more

Superhero Chess

This weekend saw Comic Con come to Glasgow in the form of Scotland Comic Con, and it was another resounding success with thousands of comic book fans flocking to the SECC. At Boyd Digital we also got into the superhero spirit by hosting our very own Superhero Chess competition at Geek Retreat on Union Street in celebration of Comic Con. Read more

Commonwealth Games Opening Poll : Fantastic or Flop?

The Commonwealth Games kicked off with a bang last night bang, social media was buzzing as people discussed what was unfolding in front of them but what did you think? You will be able to read more about the opening ceremony on here today but for now we want to know whether you enjoyed the show that was beamed to over 1 billion people last night. Read more

Best spots for free wifi in Glasgow?

In this age of tech and instant media staying connected is key. Whether it’s just to update your Facebook status or to send important emails regarding the latest big deal, we need to get access to the internet. For most this is not an issue as mobile data on smartphones is common and reliable. However for the folk like me, walking around with good old Nokias that still run the original Snake or for those that aren’t willing to splash out on data staying connected can be an issue. Read more

XXth Commonwealth Games – Glasgow

As a digital marketing agency in Glasgow, we are appreciating the efforts that the city is putting into the XXth Commonwealth Games; we may have mentioned it once or twice before, but have we mentioned that one of our very own at Boyd Digital Towers is volunteering backstage for the opening and closing ceremonies?! Namely me.

Read more

The Final Countdown

With only 50 days to go until the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, the team at Boyd Digital are starting to get excited.

It will be a real boost for the city of Glasgow from the investments and redevelopment of certain areas to the prestige and honour of holding an event like this. As well as welcoming the top Commonwealth athletes to the city visitors and locals will be able to enjoy a host of entertainment as the games approach. Read more

Glasgow Science Festival 2014

glasgow-science-festival1  The city of Glasgow has a lot going for it this summer, from the recent Radio 1 Big Weekend, to the upcoming West End Festival and of course the 20th Commonwealth Games that will be taking place. Don’t forget of course that from the 5th to the 15th of June, the Glasgow Science Festival will be taking place at various locations across the city. Read on for the pick of our favourite 5 events that will be taking place. Read more

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