August 19, 2014 Rosie Boswell

Capitalize On Your Conference Trip

Brighton SEO is looming, as are other big marketing events, and here at Boyd Digital, we like to be prepared for them. We like to capitalize to the upmost extent on the opportunity that we are presented with, and you should too, no matter what or where the conference. So we’ve come up with some handy tips to help you prepare for the conferences in your calendar.

1 Month  Before Conference

Firstly, it may sound obvious, but book your travel and accommodation in advance. As soon as you know you will be attending, get it organised. There is no point in scrambling for hotels or paying premium rail prices at the last moment, it is also one less thing for you to think about in the lead up to the conference. Although it may cost more, if the conference is at a hotel then try to book into that hotel; it will ultimately make networking easier, and mean that you miss nothing. Travel wise, make sure that you arrive in plenty of time and are not cutting anything short.

In the lead up to the conference, check who is attending, which speakers you want to see and what you want to learn. If you are planning on chatting with them after, reach out to them on social media now, meaning that you already have a relationship established when you meet them face to face. You can always offer to buy them a drink to get the conversation flowing!

1 Week  Before Conference

Ensure that you go through the conference agenda to make sure that you know when and where the sessions that you want to go to are. The same goes for the social events accompanying the conference as they are important networking and business opportunities.

Also find out the Twitter hashtag for the conference; you can use Tweetdeck to see all of the related tweets ensuring you the widest possible coverage of the event.

At the Conference

We’ve mentioned it before, and we’ll mention it again, make sure that you arrive at the conference in time. This not only means you will be calm and composed, but it will also give you a chance to get to know the lay out of the place.

At sessions, make sure that you take notes! It sounds simple, but you can’t rely on your memory if you’re tired, hungover or overwhelmed with information. You’ll appreciate it later. In between sessions, make sure that you find the people that you need to talk to, and investigate the expos on show, engaging with the people on the stands who will be only too happy to discuss their specialties and expertise with you.

Make sure that you attend any evening cocktail receptions; people will be more relaxed and open, making it easier than ever to network. Just don’t overdo it on the drinks!

There will of course be the inevitable after party at the conference, and you should view this as mandatory to attend as the conference. Again use this as a prime networking opportunity, and don’t be shy in buying drinks; it could become a wise investment. Have fun and relax, just don’t don’t take it to excessive levels.

After the Conference

Follow up any business connections and leads that you made straight away, whilst the memory of the conference and networking is still fresh in everybody’s minds, Don’t delay in this, as you want them to remember you too!

Attending conferences is so important for networking in the world of business, and is really is a sound investment to make, just make sure that you are prepared.

Some of the Boyd Digital Team will be at Brighton SEO in September (8th-11th), feel free to buy us a drink.

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