November 17, 2013 Colin Boyd

Brand Yourself For Impact

Watch any phone, car or camera ad on TV and the product will somehow be linked to you in its description. It usually sounds something like ‘this is the car you’ve been waiting for/ a camera that you’ll create memories with/ a phone that connects you’. These are the kinds of slogans that have been used by advertisers for years.

When you’re just a small company trying to compete with this kind of advertising, how do you make sure you’ll be noticed? If you’re willing to engage more with customers you could help your brand grow. The easiest place to do this is on your social pages.

If a customer contacts you through one of your profiles don’t think of it as a simple one time deal. Take it as a sign to start a conversation with a potential customer that will last well after their purchase. We’ve blogged previously on how user reviews now shape the way people buy online. The more engaged you seem to be on your profiles, the higher customers will think of you.

This method is a personalisation of your company that makes it more approachable. A lot of small companies will use competitions as a short term way to boost their presence. We’ve all seen friends post a ‘like&share’ competition before. These can be effective when you want a bump in your likes over a short period but should only be seen as a small action. Do it too often and people will simply associate your brand as one that just gives away stuff willy nilly.

What’s most important is the recognition customers will give you if you continue a conversation with them. Imagine someone uses your company and posts about it. If you follow up with them a month or two down the line with a quick message making sure they’re enjoying what you did for them, they’ll be far more appreciative of this level of enquiry.

Small steps like this will earn you bigger rewards further down the line.


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