October 7, 2014 Colin Boyd

Boyd Digital Is Proud To Sponsor…

At Boyd Digital we’re admittedly a bit sports mad. Who can forget this summer’s World Cup Sweepstake or the definitive table tennis competition/Wimbledon tribute, Wiffledon? So sponsoring sports teams is an obvious step for us. Read on to find out who we sponsor here at Boyd Digital.

GarvLenz-98-800x600With so many great rugby clubs in and around Glasgow and the West Coast of Scotland, sponsoring a rugby team was an obvious choice, especially as we’re part of the Glasgow Warriors Business Club. Since one of our own Grant Ruxton is a member, Garnock Rugby Club was the club of choice for us to sponsor. Supporting the programme and the growth of the game in Glengarnock, Boyd Digital is a proud sponsor of the club.

Our rugby sponsorship doesn’t stop there though, as we also sponsor Turnberry Beach Rugby. This growing competition which has been taking place since 2012 is getting bigger and bigger with each year that passes, with teams now coming internationally to play on the beautiful West Coast beaches.ksc barca2

Our final rugby sponsorship is of a player for Scottish Premiership team Ayr RFC, Dan McCluskey, who is part of the starting 10.

We don’t solely sponsor rugby at Boyd Digital though. We also sponsor the beautiful game in the form of KSG Barca, which is a kids football team in Kilwinning. We are one of the sponsors for the kits as well as supplying training-wear too.

Last but not least we also sponsor Robert Whiteford who is an up and coming robert whitefordScottish UFC fighter, based in Glasgow although he does also train in Sweden and America. He is the first Scot to ever have been imported into the UFC.

As you can see we sponsor a fair variety of sports here at Boyd Digital; who knows what we’ll sponsor next.

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