September 12, 2014 Garyeoghan

Boyd Digital @ Brighton SEO: Top Tweets

It’s been quite a day so far at Brighton SEO. With a surprisingly lower number of plaid shirts than expected, we’ve been enjoying some of the talks going on and making sure we don’t find ourselves wearing that green ‘Keep Calm…’ T-shirt.

But what are some of the more notable comments and insights we’ve come across today? Well here are some of the tweets that we think are worth paying attention to.

A lovely number of slides from Jon Earnshaw confirming once again that cannibalisation in any form just does no good.


As the Beatles once said ‘Yelp! I need somebody’

Alexandra has a pretty good presentation here, especially when it comes to recognising triggers.

We’ll drink to this logic!

And don’t forget folks that you really should make sure you tweet using the correct hashtag when possible or else a joke will fall flat.

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