April 23, 2015 Garyeoghan

Boyd Digital At Ayrshire Chamber

Today was a sunny day all over the country, and trying to put a sense of that spirit in looking at Google Analytics was Boyd Digital Director Grant Ruxton.
ayrshire chamber

Grant gave a special presentation “Help Google Love your Website & Deliver Customers’ to members of Ayrshire Chamber and taught tricks on how to help any business get their site out there and heard by an active audience.

The main points of the talk included:

  • Understanding just what SEO is
  • Gaining an insight into Onsite SEO
  • The importance of Offsite SEO
  • How vital it is for any business to engage in Local SEO

ayrshire chamber

Grant’s presentation is available for download if you’re interested in learning more about the points mentioned above.

You can download Grant’s Presentation below.

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