July 30, 2014 Colin Boyd

A Bolt from the Blue : Commonwealth Games Poll

As I am sure you will have read over the last few weekes we have been very excited by the arrival of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. We, as many other businesses and individuals have done, have embraced the Games and though there are some disruptions to the locals here and there we all seemed to have got on it well.

Therefore I am sure it will come as a major disappointment to not only the organisers but also the many thousands of volunteers and fans that have given up their time and spent a lot of money to hear the biggest star in Athletics today to criticise them.

Usain Bolt is without doubt a huge draw and massive crowd favourite but he was quoted as saying they where “a bit sh*t” and not as good as the Olympics. Today however Bolt has taken to Twitter to deny that he ever made the comments and I for one would like to believe him. His manager even added this “The atmosphere in and around the stadiums has been absolutely fantastic and I have absolutely no idea where these quotes have come from.”


Usain Bolt Twitter


The way that some journalists in this country have been known to act it is not outwith the relms of possibility that the story was fabricated but we want to know what you think. Take our poll below to decide how you think Scotland, and Glasgow in particular has handled the momentous task of holding the 2014 Commonwealth Games.


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