October 9, 2013 Grant Ruxton

Blogging In Good Company

Sometimes a good approach in interacting with customers can go further than a simple review. If you want to create some discourse a company blog could be a great way of exposing your brand and getting some fantastic feedback.

Blogs are always a great channel for communicating your thoughts and creating discussion about your products. Let’s say you write a blog talking about your new product. You list the pros and cons (making sure these cons are redundant) in a honest way taking on a friendly tone. This adds a personal touch to what would otherwise be seen as a catalogue listing.


Begin to think about the blog as the platform from which to launch interest. Take that post and share it on all your social profiles. Exposing your post in more than one area creates a discussion pool that is incredibly easy to track. For every like/share/retweet you get, you’re opening yourself a whole new network of people.

Of course don’t forget that if you do create blogs wrapped around specific content, pop a hyperlink around the product name or leave a commonplace ‘click here for more’ at the end of your post. You would never want to link to the product page every time you mention it as that can be seen as overkill.

As long as you have a blog in place that you work on it can help people to see that your company is full of real people writing on what they know/care about.


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