July 14, 2014 Colin Boyd

Best spots for free wifi in Glasgow?

In this age of tech and instant media staying connected is key. Whether it’s just to update your Facebook status or to send important emails regarding the latest big deal, we need to get access to the internet. For most this is not an issue as mobile data on smartphones is common and reliable. However for the folk like me, walking around with good old Nokias that still run the original Snake or for those that aren’t willing to splash out on data staying connected can be an issue.

For the longest time this meant either popping into the nearest McDonalds and nursing a small Coke or hanging outside a subway station to use the free 15 minutes of Cloud time. Everybody is guilty of doing it at some point but the slight quilt and shame still lingers. Those dark days are behind us now! Starting the 10th July 2014, Glasgow is the first Scottish city to offer free wifi.

The free wifi is being called the Urban Network and is being provided by BT for a minimum of 8 years. The network can be accessed from a variety of location in Glasgow city. Anywhere you would imagine a high volume of people to be, there will now most likely be free wifi. Get connected is as simple as selecting the “GlasgowCC” network on your device and clicking “Get Online”. That’s it! No creating accounts, no logging in, no endlessly typing out long and complicated captchas. Simply clicking online is enough to get you started.

Now for the important question, ‘Where are the best places in Glasgow to get your free-wifi?’. The answer in terms of speed is simple. The strongest signals with the faster connection speeds are located around the main hubs of Glasgow e.g. transport stations like Queen Street Station. If however you’re looking for an all round free wifi experience the spots are a bit more sparse. Below are a few of the better places we have scoped out for you to enjoy Glasgows new offering.

1. Argyle Street

2014-07-11 11.56

We managed to get reasonably good signal all the way along Argyle Street but it was noticeably better when closer to St. Enoch Subway. This has made our list given that the signal is good and you can also enjoy a sit down whilst you surf the web for your daily dose of cute cat videos.

2. Buchanan Galleries Steps

2014-07-11 13.02

If like me you love to sit and people watch in the sun whilst listening to your favourite tunes via Spotify etc. Then this is a perfect spot, the speeds are great and the stream of passers by is bountiful. If you get fed up listening to your own music then there is most likely a street performer right by the statue too.

3. ‘The Four Corners’ – Union Street

2014-07-11 12

Now this wi-fi zone does not have outdoor seating for people watching but it does boast one of the faster speeds. There’s also the many dining options to take advantage of. Below are the speed test results comparing the free wi-fi with that of a popular mobile carrier’s 3G data. On the left you can see the result of the ‘Urban Network’ and the right shows the mobile data.


So those were my top 3 free wifi spots in Glasgow courtesy of Glasgow City Council’s ‘Urban Network’. Don’t just take my word for it though, go out and explore the city. If you find any great places to make use of this excellent service, we’d love to hear from you about them!
Here is the original article posted by Glasgow City Council themselves : http://www.glasgow.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=12292

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