September 29, 2014 Garyeoghan

Best Breakfast In Glasgow

The tent pole of the day. The only meal champions care about. The only time of day it’s acceptable to eat bacon and pancakes and not feel bad pouring syrup all over it. Breakfast is a glorious thing, but finding the perfect place to enjoy the most important meal of the day can be hard.

Do a quick search for ‘breakfast in Glasgow’ and you’ll quickly find that the results aren’t the best. Try and filter the results for ‘breakfast & brunch’ places on Tripadvisor, and you’ll soon find yourself looking at some of the highest rated Indians and Tapas restaurants which one can easily say aren’t the best for brekkie. Finding a great spot for breakfast is mostly a word of mouth type deal. Pretty much every location on this short list was either beside one of the team’s homes or just somewhere we were told to go and ended up going back to again and again.

So here are 5 of arguably the best places to get breakfast in Glasgow without having to resort to the Golden Arches.



Bring a jacket. That’s the advice worth giving to anyone heading to the NY inspired restaurant a stone’s throw from Kelvinhall subway station. Go here on a Saturday or Sunday morning and you’ll find yourself in a big queue (hence the jacket) where a plate stacked to the hilt is your reward for patience. Tribeca is known for doing great pancakes and humongous French toast but pretty much everything on the menu is a safe bet. They even give you the option of having your bacon crispy showing the true mark of breakfast done Americana. A good recommendation is not to get any sides as you’ll think one plate of pancakes might be enough with something else to curb the growing hunger you had while waiting, but trust us that pancake sweats are a real thing and the after effects of buttermilk pancakes & chocolate milk will see you not need to touch or think about another morsel of food for the rest of the day.


We’ll fight anyone who would argue that Sarti doesn’t serve the best scrambled eggs in Glasgow. We don’t know what magical process is involved in getting them to taste the way they do, but it does wonders and we won’t question it. It helps too that instead of the usual half soggy toast you’d expect to get with scrambled eggs, they give you two big crusty bits you could use as mittens to munch on. Bliss it is. And it’s a good spot if you’re perchance feeling a little rough from the night before as it’ll be playing very chill music with an atmosphere that is far removed from the usual coffee fuelled spots you’ll be used to first thing in the morning.

cafe zique

Cafe Zique/Deli Zique
The great thing about going to either Cafe or Deli Zique is that if one is a busy, you’ll be able to walk about five feet and find space in the other next door. If you’re looking for a proper sit down meal where you’re happy to let an hour or two idly go by, grab a table in Cafe Zique. They do a rather posh fry for a tenner and the loose leaf tea hits the spot. Prefer a bite to grab quickly or want a really good coffee to take away? Use the deli. You can pick and choose different breads and pastries from the counter where there never seems to be a bad option on show. Try the toast with sobrasada & avocado in the deli. It makes for the type of breakfast you’d never usually go for and then wish you’d had heard about sooner.


A great tiled wall that makes up a map of the world is the centrepiece of great little cafe in Trongate. The old bus seats are ideal for squeezing a few more bums round the table and their old style menu is a bit of a novelty. The pick and choose style is great for when you’re in one of those moods where you can’t figure out exactly what you’re after, and the mysteriously named ‘Banana Cinnamon’ is a good shout if you want something sweet that isn’t going to be sugared to the extreme. If you do have a bit of a sweet tooth in the morning, just head to Once Upon A tart around the corner and grab one of the usually dozen different cakes and tarts they have sitting out to salivate over. For being just off Argyle Street it’s surprisingly quiet too (in a good way).

where the monkey sleeps

Where the Monkey Sleeps
Good bagels are a hard thing to come by in town. One with sausage, eggs and a good dollop of red sauce to munch on first thing in the morning is a practice best left to the folks in Where The Monkey Sleeps. Because it’s near Blythswood Square, its a place at that end part of Bath Street that is all too easy to forget, but results in jubilation when you can recall it from memory. The aforementioned bagel, known as the Ladykiller, is top drawer stuff but every toasted sandwich they make is lip smackingly good. If you’re ever stuck for lunch ideas too, get their Meathammer which sounds rude but tastes good.


There you have it; five locations where you can’t go wrong when you want breakfast in Glasgow but can’t for the life of you think of where to go.


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