September 15, 2014 Stuart

Analytics Dashboards – Quick Access to Key Metrics

Google Analytics provides a near endless supply of data about your website and the way people find your business, but how much of it do you really look at on a regular basis? Fortunately there’s a way to see all the key information you need at a glance – Analytics Dashboards.

You can customise these dashboards to show the key focus areas for your site, such as traffic, revenue and goal conversions, saving the hassle of going in to each individual section. It can really reduce the amount of time you spend using the platform, and offers a useful top level overview of the metrics that matter most to you.

You can also share and import custom dashboards, meaning you don’t need to create them yourself if you’re unsure which areas should be monitored. There’s hundreds in the official repository, but we’ve created a couple of simple dashboards for SEO and PPC which should get you off to a good start.

You can download the SEO dashboard here and the PPC dashboard here – just sign in to analytics and select which profile you’d like to use the dashboard with. It will be available from now on in your account, and you’ll be able to add and remove modules as you get more comfortable with the platform.

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