November 30, 2015 Colin Boyd

10 of Our Favourite Tech Blogs of 2015

If you like your tech and gadgets then you probably know one or two good blogs to follow, we are going to take you through a few of our favourites. You will probably know some of them, hopefully we will introduce you to some others and if you know of any more we want you to let us know about them.

We aren’t going to be putting them in any particular order so don’t take this as a league table of sorts, each have their own merits. Here are 10 of our favourites, let us know yours.

TechCrunch is one of those you will probably have heard of and is good for providing news, reviews and general info on the latest tech and gadgets.

Wired.Com is another good one that covers a few more bases than just tech and gadgets and is great for people with a broader interest but still rooted in the realm of tech.

Great for gadgets and brilliant for those interested in mobile tech.
Another biggie and always a good read and source of information.
Microsoft’s own collection of blogs, if you need an answer the chances are you will find it in here.
Covering the latest in News, Events and Research, Venture beat is a great source for interesting information and posts.

You just have to look at the amount of people that follow Mashable’s social accounts, 13 million, to know they must be doing something right.

This is one for the Apple fanatics and if there is Apple related news to be heard, the chances are you will hear about it here first.

The majority of people reading this will, in some way be involved in the business side of tech and though we might enjoy reading about exciting and fun gadgets, getting a good inside knowledge of how tech development will impact your business is crucial. BusinessInsider.Com offers some great insights to its millions of readers every month.

TheVerge.Com covers a load of topics and is great for flitting from one article to another. Reviews, science, entertainment, cars and design are all covered along with tech and its forums are a great place to go to discuss what you have just read.

There you go, this doesn’t even scratch the surface of great tech related blogs out there so don’t stop at this list. Go out and explore but be sure to let us know of any diamonds yoy find when you are digging.

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