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We know that bogging you down in a world of marketing and SEO would be a painful experience every time you visited this blog. This is why we try to put some posts up from the team about things that are happening in the office, around Glasgow and also globally.

Well, today the biggest and most important tournament in the world starts. The World Cup 2014, held in Brazil is a spectacle that the world holds its breath for and this year promises to be a great one.

I am dedicating this post to the man you should look out for in my opinion. While many have been asking, can Neymar drive his nation to glory in their homeland, can Messi translate club form to take Argentina to the top, will Ronaldo run riot and many more questions this man has been sipping wine in an Italian vineyard, this man is Andrea Pirlo. Read more

14 for Brazil ’14

The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is fast approaching us and here at Boyd Digital football fever is tightening its grip. In order to celebrate this festival of football properly we are taking a look at 14 of most memorable world cup moments from great goals to bad tackles and glory to controversy. Read more

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